• Two 3 Acre Playgrounds
  • Partially Wooded 2 Acre Playground
  • 20′ x 40′ In-ground Bone-shaped Pool!
  • 1 Acre Jungle Pup
  • 3 Acres Wooded with a Pond
  • Daycare Transportation
  • Climate Controlled Indoor Playground
    (for inclement weather)
  • In-House Overnight Stays


Please note that it is very important to us that we always have room for our established clients; therefore, we are on a pretty significant waiting list to get in for a temperament test, especially for boarding. Before contacting us, please review our website and fill out the online application found on the “Get Started” page, if you are interested in adding your dog’s name to our waiting list. Once your dog’s application is reviewed (which may take a week or two), we will contact you and answer any questions you may have. Your cooperation gives us more time to review applications and contact those that are next on the list.
Thank you!

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Duncan Cover


8721 Yensch Road
Maybee, MI  48159
Ph: (734) 587-8779